Lighting Upgrades for Non-residential Buildings

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Emerald’s Energy Services provides lighting surveys, technical assistance with project development, and incentives to encourage building owners and operators to make the switch to more efficient lighting systems.

  • Save money every month by increasing the efficiency of your lighting system
  • Improve lighting quality and controls in your work space
  • Enhance outside lighting conditions for improved security
  • Existing building retrofit options
  • New construction options

Incentive Information

Emerald can work with you and/or your contractor to identify opportunities to save energy in your lighting system. Available rebates are based on the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Lighting Calculator 5.0 customized for use in Emerald’s service territory. Incentives are limited to 50% of a project’s eligible upgrade costs. A completed lighting calculator is required for all projects and Emerald staff is available to help. See Program Details for examples of common rebates.
Steps to Participate
• You must be an active Emerald PUD customer served by a non-residential rate. Pre-approval of your project by Emerald to determine eligibility and incentive amount is strongly recommended. Before removal of old equipment and purchase of new, Emerald needs to verify pre-existing equipment, approve proposed equipment, and determine eligibility to accurately estimate your incentive.
• Lighting incentives are determined using the most current Emerald PUD Lighting Calculator, subject to adjustment based on funding availability.
• A complete application with required documentation is required prior to installing any materials. Approved incentives are based on pre-project estimates and are subject to change following project completion. Incentives shall be based on final inspected conditions.
• All lamps, ballasts, and hazardous materials must be disposed of or recycled according to applicable environmental requirements. Documentation showing proof of disposal is required.
• All LED fixtures and lamps must be listed on one of the following qualified products lists: Design Lights Consortium, Lighting Design Lab, or ENERGY STAR.
• A paid invoice or statement of total installed cost must be received before an incentive can be issued.
• Projects must be submitted on BPA Commercial/Industrial Lighting Calculator 4.0. Refer to the Northwest Trade Ally Network for contractors skilled in lighting retrofit or new construction design.
• Projects are required to obtain a minimum energy savings of 25% reduction in annual kilowatt hours used.
• A complete and signed Incentive Application is required for each new incentive project.
• Participant authorizes Emerald to conduct quality inspections to ensure program specifications are followed.
Steps to Participate
We can help you identify savings opportunities, find qualified contractors, and ensure compliance with program requirements.
1. Confirm eligibility for your program by contacting Emerald's Energy Services. Emerald will schedule a FREE lighting assessment to confirm program eligibility.
2. Contact a contractor or vendor from the Northwest Trade Ally Network to develop a lighting project proposal. Emerald will work with you or your vendor to develop the required lighting calculator.
3. Customer will receive a rebate proposal from Emerald or the contractor describing energy savings, incentives, project payback, return on investment, and total project cost. Note: Project proposals are estimations and may vary.
4. Submit project incentive application to Emerald prior to beginning work to ensure incentive availability.
5. Upon project completion the contractor or customer will notify Emerald and provide all paid invoices and other documentation associated with the project.
6. Emerald will conduct a final inspection of the project to verify the project and compliance with the proposal. The rebate will be processed once the inspection is completed.